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Online Video Creation Platform


Twig Create is an easy-to-use online video education platform that helps educators create engaging content for the classroom and students build knowledge across all subject areas

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Amazing educational videos made by students using our video creations tools!

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An Innovative Video Creation Platform for Education


Knowledge Building Through Active Engagement​

Film-based tasks allow students who struggle with paper/pen-based reading and writing to engage curiously with information and communicate ideas in a structured and engaging way, so reinforcing knowledge building and language development.


Accelerate Language Development​

Twig Create provides language development tasks and visual sentence frames for different levels of language acquisition to allow students to practice and build automaticity through our online video education platform. Students actively engage in reading, writing, listening, and speaking through filmmaking experiences, accelerating progress toward language proficiency.

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Digital Literacy and Life

Twig Create, a video maker specifically designed for classrooms, provides versatile, ready-made, and editable digital media and video templates to activate engagement in any subject area. Research shows that all students can benefit from contextual experiences as they develop real-world and technological literacy.

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From The Leaders in Student Engagement, Motivation, and Video Creation

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Twig Education is an award-winning education media company providing digital and print resources to more than 60 countries and in 20 different languages. Twig comprises a team of teachers, filmmakers, writers, researchers, designers, academics, and students, all working together to create exciting and effective learning experiences. The company proudly partners with leading universities, including Imperial College London and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity, as well as with technology companies like Google for Education.

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Binumi is the easiest, most efficient place to start and succeed in video storytelling. We are transforming how the world creates, manages and shares video with our simple-to-use editing tools and video management platform for education.

We empower individuals and organisations to tell stories with purpose—no matter their purpose.

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Online Video Education
Platform Packages

Engaging Educator

FREE Teacher Account

  • Teacher Only

  • Quickly and easily create your own videos

  • Access to millions of stock video clips

  • Uploading your own content

  • Add text features, music, and voiceovers

  • Access award-winning, high-engagement educational videos by Twig Education

  • Use with any device

  • Google Drive integration

  • Share educational videos via Google Classroom, email, or social media

  • Video tutorials

  • Preview vocabulary, language development, and knowledge building lessons and rubrics

  • Preview our ELD and ELA lessons

  • 500 MB storage


Student Subscriptions

  • All Engaging Educator features

  • Teacher and Student

  • Secure and easy student video creation environment

  • Students easily create and edit educational videos with text features, visuals, music, and voiceovers

  • Foster Social and Emotional Learning and student agency

  • Video Creation Projects and Editable Lessons aligned to English Language Arts themes and topics

  • ELA student video project lessons for knowledge and vocabulary building

  • English Language Development video project lessons by level of language acquisition

  • Digital Literacy video templates

  • Collaborative video walls

  • Students share projects on Google Classroom, Email, or Social Media

  • Getting started guide and customer service support

  • 5GB Storage

CARES / American Recovery Act Solutions

Custom Subscription

  • All Engaging Educator and Equalizer features

  • Teacher and student

  • Single sign-on

  • LMS integrations

  • Additional organization functionality and controls

  • Students share educational video projects on classroom presentation landing pages

  • Customizable training and support

  • Custom Storage

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The Benefits of our Online Video Creation Platform


Safe and secure online video platform for education.


Lessons mapped to ELA and ELD/WIDA standards—plus science, history, and social sciences.


Create educational videos on the topics and themes you're passionate about.


Discover millions of rights-cleared multimedia clips.

Simple-to-use drag-and-drop video creation tools.


Upload content and
add it to your videos.


Create independently or collaboratively.


Manage, display, and share your videos.


Crosswalks to your favorite Reading and Literature Programs.

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Engaging Educator

FREE Teacher Account


Student Subscriptions

CARES / American Recovery Act Solutions

Custom Subscription

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